Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Site Speed : A new ranking factor added by Google

Google is one of the major search engines whose R&D ( Research and development) department keeps concentrate to make it user friendly as much as possible. In this row, Google's Matt Cutts ( head of spam team) told that site speed may be included in Google's search ranking algorithms. Earlier Google was using around 200 signals to determine search ranking of websites including reputation, value-add factors, relevancey etc. Even a big number of people of Google team thought that speed of site also affects to its other search ranking parameters. It is found that users' attitude were positive for those sites which take less time to responds web queries.

According to Amit Singhal ( Google Fellow ) fast speed of site is important for both internet users and site owner. Internet users feel happy when sites respond fast on the other hand, slow sites have less visitors due to less spending time by visitors. Site speed not only creates happy visitors but also reduce operating cost as well. There is lots of benefits of fast site speed and due to this it is included as a search ranking factor in Google's search ranking algorithems. There is lots of free tools that can be used to evaluate or check speed of sites like Page Speed, WebPagetest, Yslow and Webmaster Tools. These tools are more usefull for webmasters and site owners.

Site speed a new search ranking factor is not much weighted right now. Even relevancy of webpages is still the most weighted ranking factor in search ranking algorithms. At present, less than one percent search query is affected by this new factor. According to Amit Singhal, new signal is applying for internet users searching queries in english and using Google.com. So, this is the time to think about site speed and evaluate load time of websites or webpages to increase search ranking in Google search engine.

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