Friday, June 18, 2010

Google Web Search tips

Google is the largest search engine among live search engines. Therefore it is the first choice of each internet user to searching queries here. Even Google use some basic searching parameters that help to find out accurate and fast search results. These parameters help Google to understand what exact information you need. So at present scenario when web content and data is getting complex being familiar with basic search parameters has necessary for each and everyone. The following are some basic search parameters:

Phrase search ("")

Double quotes (“”) is used to find out exact the information or result we need. The words putting in double quotes tell Google to show only the results related with respective words placed in the double quotes. In this condition, Google avoids other related results. Example, search result for [ “Harry Smith” ] will miss all the webpages that includes or refer to Harry N. Smith.

Search for specific site (site :)

Google’s site: parameter helps to search result from a specific website mentioned by you in site: parameter. Google allows to search information from a website that you need search result come from. For example, will show all webpages of Even this parameter is generally used by webmasters or website owner to check all index pages by Google.

OR operator

OR operator is used to find search results related with one or more words used in searching with help of “OR”. By default Google shows all results that include search query but you want to find only relevant results then you can use “OR”. For example, [ world cup 2006 OR 2010 ] will show result pages either related with world cup 2006 or world cup 2010, while [ world cup 2006 2010 ] search query without using OR will give pages which include both years 2006, 2010 on the same webpages.

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