Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Google Display Network: Google’s new ad network for advertisers

Google’s R&D (Research and Development) teams are adding new features in ads networks to provide maximum space for advertisements. Google Display Network is a part of its large ads networks introduced recently. At Google Display Network, advertisers can purchase ads via Google. It will include websites of DoubleClick and Adsense publishers along with Google properties means Blogger, Gmail, Google finance, Google maps and YouTube as well. Google did not make any change in Adsense network so Adsense publisher also will be a part of new Google Display Network. They no need to take any action or update adsense account to be a part of Google Display Network. Even Display Network does not include Adsense for search. Advertisers will follow previous methods to buying search ads space on publishers’ websites.

According to Google new name “Google Display Network” is an effort to fulfill promises to bring more and more advertising on publishers’ websites. Google is committed to send targeted visitors and relevant ads on websites. New Google Display Network deals with all previous Google ads formats such as video, images, text and rich media ads. These various ads format provide nice opportunity to advertisers target visitors by different ways. The publishers who are not using all ads format or using only one or two should maximize their ads publishing area. The image ads would be the most effective ad format to monetize websites in Google Display Network.

In upcoming weeks, many new features may be added in Google Display Network to provide maximum advertising space to advertisers as well as additional revenue generating opportunities to publishers. There may be some changes in Adwords interface due to adding Google Display Network in Adwords account. Google introduced site : http://www.google.com/adwords/displaynetwork which includes benefits available for advertisers on Google Display Network. Google team is working to add some more features in rather than existing in Google Adwords accounts.

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