Thursday, June 17, 2010

AdWords Online Classroom : Google's free online training to advertisers

Adwords online classroom is one of the Google's free services provided to advertisers. It offers free adword training to newbie advertisers and the people who want to learn basic. Local AdWords professionals provide training in adwords online classroom and cover a great range of topics related with adwords. To participate in Google's free online training programme one needs a personal computer with internet access and high quality sound speakers or headphones. This training module includes several adwords topics and each topics is 15 to 20 minutes long. The most important thing about adwords online classroom is availability on demand. You can get free online training by local AdWords professionals at your convenient time.

free online training tutorials cover the following topics :

1.Improving Account Performance
2.Controlling Costs
3.Analyzing AdWords Performance
4.Increasing Reach and Focusing On targeted Audience

This 15-20 minute long training programme guides about improving adwords account with tips on managing keywords, campaigns and writting effective and targeted ad texts. According to Google this course is designed to advertisers who have wish to maximize profit by increasing performance of their account. Website Optimizer tool that is free to use help to test several lay-outs for webpages. It helps to find out which ads lay-outs will generates high leads and sales. Free online training programme provides complete guidance about Website Optimizer tool including website testing. Website optimizer tool helps advertisers to track websites conversions and is helpful to increase conversion rates.

Conversion Optimizer, an effective tool to maximize profits and saving time is another important topic of free online training programme. AdWords experts teach working hierarchy of Conversion Optimizer and explain how a advertiser can increase conversion rates with minimum cost. Advertisers can increase conversions for their content campaigns and AdWords search by participating in AdWords Online Classroom, a free training programme for advertisers.

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