Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Google introduces new search index

Google is trying to become the fastest search engine among other live search engines. Therefore it is making strong to its web indexing system. Caffeine, a new indexing system announced on june 08, 2010 is the latest update in its existing index system. Caffeine offers 50% fresher and fast results to internet users than its previous index system. Caffeine is the largest collection of data that includes forum posts, news story and blogs content as well. Now, web searchers can find links related with searching queries faster than before.

There is a big number of reasons that pressurised Google to think about new indexing system. The first reason is size and number of web content that is increasing with leap and bound. Web content or web data that includes images, video, news and other information was making searching slow. While internet users want to get latest and relevant search results as soon as possible. Google team found out real time searching problem and users expection regarding fastest searching. Thus a new web indexing system “ Caffeine” came in exit.

In the image old index system and Caffeine is graphed. Google's old web indexing system has numerous layers. Its some layers were updated fast compare to other layers but the main layer updated withing two weeks. This old index system took much time to show latest web content or search result even being updated earlier by webmasteres. While, Caffeine indexing system updates search index continuously. As Caffeine finds new informtion added on existing webpages or new pages it adds to index. Therefore it helps to find latest and fresher information and search results to internet users. According to Google, Caffeine is built to remember future searching needs. It will help to build google a faster search engine.

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