Saturday, November 24, 2012

Driverless Cars

Do you know, the world's first automobile accident occurred in Ohio City, Ohio in 1891, so when was the first time you met with an accident while driving cars, God forbidden. When you buy a car the features, which we look, is about speed and with speed, we check safety features. As from the olden times, until date there is many changes took place in making cars. When we talk about cars their numbers of brands which comes into our mind such as Dodge, Nissan, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Honda and many more. Many companies make cars with common features like Seat Belts, Air Bags, Head Injury Protection, Head Restraints, Antilock Brake System, Electronic Stability Control, Weight and many other features. As per the latest news, Google has developed a new technology that is Self-driving cars, which can drive safer than human drives. As per the news, Google has tested several vehicles equipped with the system, driving 1,000 miles without any human intervention, in addition to 140,000 miles with occasional human intervention. Again, Google has crossed a milestone by developing this technology. In August 2012, the team announced that they have completed over 300,000 autonomous-driving miles accident-free, typically have about a dozen cars on the road at any given time, and are starting to test them with single drivers instead of in pairs. Three U.S. states have passed laws permitting driverless cars as of September 2012: Nevada, Florida and California. Google's driverless test cars have about $150,000 in equipment including a $70,000 lidar (laser radar) system, But this technology need some perfection because there is always a scope of development.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Google in your living room with Google TV

Google is all in one in the internet world but now it is planning to reach in your living room with Google TV. It is an effort to bring web on TV. Even though it is not new concept, earlier many other companies including YouTube have tried to bring web on Television. Google is working with technology pioneers Intel, Logitech and Sony to create Google TV powered by Android. Envision technology will be used in Google TV that makes possible to navigate numerous web applications such as social networking sites, twitter and Picasa. Now users will be able to use same screen for watching TV and web surfing.

Google TV will be available with set-top boxes. These set-top boxes run on Android Envision technology by using Intel Atom chips. Sony will provide TV set while Google and Logitech is partner to build remote control equipped keyboard. Thus Google is trying to provide a complete bundle of information and entertainment on same screen. Intel, Logitech, Sony and Google team is working together to introduce Google TV in coming months. Earlier Google came with Google Buzz as social networking feature to beat Facebook and other social networking sites. But it did not get much success.

Google TV is an effort to cover left area for interacting with more and more visitors. It is new field where Google is entering with lots of expectation and experiment. Even experts are not confident regarding success of Google TV. As earlier many companies have been tried to bring web on TV but no one got much success. And now Google is trying to repeat old concept with new technology.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Google Display Network: Google’s new ad network for advertisers

Google’s R&D (Research and Development) teams are adding new features in ads networks to provide maximum space for advertisements. Google Display Network is a part of its large ads networks introduced recently. At Google Display Network, advertisers can purchase ads via Google. It will include websites of DoubleClick and Adsense publishers along with Google properties means Blogger, Gmail, Google finance, Google maps and YouTube as well. Google did not make any change in Adsense network so Adsense publisher also will be a part of new Google Display Network. They no need to take any action or update adsense account to be a part of Google Display Network. Even Display Network does not include Adsense for search. Advertisers will follow previous methods to buying search ads space on publishers’ websites.

According to Google new name “Google Display Network” is an effort to fulfill promises to bring more and more advertising on publishers’ websites. Google is committed to send targeted visitors and relevant ads on websites. New Google Display Network deals with all previous Google ads formats such as video, images, text and rich media ads. These various ads format provide nice opportunity to advertisers target visitors by different ways. The publishers who are not using all ads format or using only one or two should maximize their ads publishing area. The image ads would be the most effective ad format to monetize websites in Google Display Network.

In upcoming weeks, many new features may be added in Google Display Network to provide maximum advertising space to advertisers as well as additional revenue generating opportunities to publishers. There may be some changes in Adwords interface due to adding Google Display Network in Adwords account. Google introduced site : which includes benefits available for advertisers on Google Display Network. Google team is working to add some more features in rather than existing in Google Adwords accounts.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Optimize your Adsense account with new ways

Now you can optimize your Adsense account with help of two new features introduced by Google. These new features help to display the most comprehensive and targeted ads on webpages.

AdSense for Search Ads

Google introduced custom search previous year to show more relevant ads and search results on websites. And now Google introduced its new feature data rendering that provides more control over search results shown to visitors. Even though webmasters or site owners place their own search box on websites but they had wish to monetize these search results. Google custom search or Adsense for search fulfills this requirement and offer nice opportunity to monetize search results. Now publisher is allowed to place Google Adsense for search ads and their own search results together on same websites and webpages. To show Adsense for search ads on sites’ pages you have to just add JavaScript provided by Google. A publisher can place this script above-below, left or right of search results. You can customize it by choosing right shape, size and number of google ads that you want to display on each webpage. New feature allows changing styles of ads that fit to websites theme.

AdSense for Ajax

Adsense for Ajax is new feature of already existing adsense for content. In previous adsense for content, google ads refresh or change when a webpage reloads. Even this technique was not much useful for those sites which are developed by using Ajax. Ajax allows users to read and use web content in bulk without jump or switch to other webpages. AdSense for Ajax is helpful for the websites that create dynamic content in bulk. As Adsense for Ajax, latest feature of adsense for content refresh google ads whenever content of websites changes. There is not important that pages of website reload or not. Adsense for Ajax is more useful for travel sites where content change but page does not reload. Thus new feature of adsense for content provides nice opportunity to monetize the sites developed in Ajax as well.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Google Web Search tips

Google is the largest search engine among live search engines. Therefore it is the first choice of each internet user to searching queries here. Even Google use some basic searching parameters that help to find out accurate and fast search results. These parameters help Google to understand what exact information you need. So at present scenario when web content and data is getting complex being familiar with basic search parameters has necessary for each and everyone. The following are some basic search parameters:

Phrase search ("")

Double quotes (“”) is used to find out exact the information or result we need. The words putting in double quotes tell Google to show only the results related with respective words placed in the double quotes. In this condition, Google avoids other related results. Example, search result for [ “Harry Smith” ] will miss all the webpages that includes or refer to Harry N. Smith.

Search for specific site (site :)

Google’s site: parameter helps to search result from a specific website mentioned by you in site: parameter. Google allows to search information from a website that you need search result come from. For example, will show all webpages of Even this parameter is generally used by webmasters or website owner to check all index pages by Google.

OR operator

OR operator is used to find search results related with one or more words used in searching with help of “OR”. By default Google shows all results that include search query but you want to find only relevant results then you can use “OR”. For example, [ world cup 2006 OR 2010 ] will show result pages either related with world cup 2006 or world cup 2010, while [ world cup 2006 2010 ] search query without using OR will give pages which include both years 2006, 2010 on the same webpages.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

AdWords Online Classroom : Google's free online training to advertisers

Adwords online classroom is one of the Google's free services provided to advertisers. It offers free adword training to newbie advertisers and the people who want to learn basic. Local AdWords professionals provide training in adwords online classroom and cover a great range of topics related with adwords. To participate in Google's free online training programme one needs a personal computer with internet access and high quality sound speakers or headphones. This training module includes several adwords topics and each topics is 15 to 20 minutes long. The most important thing about adwords online classroom is availability on demand. You can get free online training by local AdWords professionals at your convenient time.

free online training tutorials cover the following topics :

1.Improving Account Performance
2.Controlling Costs
3.Analyzing AdWords Performance
4.Increasing Reach and Focusing On targeted Audience

This 15-20 minute long training programme guides about improving adwords account with tips on managing keywords, campaigns and writting effective and targeted ad texts. According to Google this course is designed to advertisers who have wish to maximize profit by increasing performance of their account. Website Optimizer tool that is free to use help to test several lay-outs for webpages. It helps to find out which ads lay-outs will generates high leads and sales. Free online training programme provides complete guidance about Website Optimizer tool including website testing. Website optimizer tool helps advertisers to track websites conversions and is helpful to increase conversion rates.

Conversion Optimizer, an effective tool to maximize profits and saving time is another important topic of free online training programme. AdWords experts teach working hierarchy of Conversion Optimizer and explain how a advertiser can increase conversion rates with minimum cost. Advertisers can increase conversions for their content campaigns and AdWords search by participating in AdWords Online Classroom, a free training programme for advertisers.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Google introduces new search index

Google is trying to become the fastest search engine among other live search engines. Therefore it is making strong to its web indexing system. Caffeine, a new indexing system announced on june 08, 2010 is the latest update in its existing index system. Caffeine offers 50% fresher and fast results to internet users than its previous index system. Caffeine is the largest collection of data that includes forum posts, news story and blogs content as well. Now, web searchers can find links related with searching queries faster than before.

There is a big number of reasons that pressurised Google to think about new indexing system. The first reason is size and number of web content that is increasing with leap and bound. Web content or web data that includes images, video, news and other information was making searching slow. While internet users want to get latest and relevant search results as soon as possible. Google team found out real time searching problem and users expection regarding fastest searching. Thus a new web indexing system “ Caffeine” came in exit.

In the image old index system and Caffeine is graphed. Google's old web indexing system has numerous layers. Its some layers were updated fast compare to other layers but the main layer updated withing two weeks. This old index system took much time to show latest web content or search result even being updated earlier by webmasteres. While, Caffeine indexing system updates search index continuously. As Caffeine finds new informtion added on existing webpages or new pages it adds to index. Therefore it helps to find latest and fresher information and search results to internet users. According to Google, Caffeine is built to remember future searching needs. It will help to build google a faster search engine.