Friday, July 16, 2010

Google in your living room with Google TV

Google is all in one in the internet world but now it is planning to reach in your living room with Google TV. It is an effort to bring web on TV. Even though it is not new concept, earlier many other companies including YouTube have tried to bring web on Television. Google is working with technology pioneers Intel, Logitech and Sony to create Google TV powered by Android. Envision technology will be used in Google TV that makes possible to navigate numerous web applications such as social networking sites, twitter and Picasa. Now users will be able to use same screen for watching TV and web surfing.

Google TV will be available with set-top boxes. These set-top boxes run on Android Envision technology by using Intel Atom chips. Sony will provide TV set while Google and Logitech is partner to build remote control equipped keyboard. Thus Google is trying to provide a complete bundle of information and entertainment on same screen. Intel, Logitech, Sony and Google team is working together to introduce Google TV in coming months. Earlier Google came with Google Buzz as social networking feature to beat Facebook and other social networking sites. But it did not get much success.

Google TV is an effort to cover left area for interacting with more and more visitors. It is new field where Google is entering with lots of expectation and experiment. Even experts are not confident regarding success of Google TV. As earlier many companies have been tried to bring web on TV but no one got much success. And now Google is trying to repeat old concept with new technology.