Sunday, June 20, 2010

Optimize your Adsense account with new ways

Now you can optimize your Adsense account with help of two new features introduced by Google. These new features help to display the most comprehensive and targeted ads on webpages.

AdSense for Search Ads

Google introduced custom search previous year to show more relevant ads and search results on websites. And now Google introduced its new feature data rendering that provides more control over search results shown to visitors. Even though webmasters or site owners place their own search box on websites but they had wish to monetize these search results. Google custom search or Adsense for search fulfills this requirement and offer nice opportunity to monetize search results. Now publisher is allowed to place Google Adsense for search ads and their own search results together on same websites and webpages. To show Adsense for search ads on sites’ pages you have to just add JavaScript provided by Google. A publisher can place this script above-below, left or right of search results. You can customize it by choosing right shape, size and number of google ads that you want to display on each webpage. New feature allows changing styles of ads that fit to websites theme.

AdSense for Ajax

Adsense for Ajax is new feature of already existing adsense for content. In previous adsense for content, google ads refresh or change when a webpage reloads. Even this technique was not much useful for those sites which are developed by using Ajax. Ajax allows users to read and use web content in bulk without jump or switch to other webpages. AdSense for Ajax is helpful for the websites that create dynamic content in bulk. As Adsense for Ajax, latest feature of adsense for content refresh google ads whenever content of websites changes. There is not important that pages of website reload or not. Adsense for Ajax is more useful for travel sites where content change but page does not reload. Thus new feature of adsense for content provides nice opportunity to monetize the sites developed in Ajax as well.

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